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Successful business is much more than just talent and luck.
The profitability of a business is directly influenced by its location.
We can select strategically advantageous locations where your businesses will be successful and profitable.
Our services 
Choosing Successful Locations: Where Success Begins.

Searching and selecting profitable business locations for each specific company: offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, and more. We know how to find a space that brings luck and profit. Our experience in location selection and analysis guarantees you the best results.

Feng Shui Design: Plan and Create Success.

Feng Shui design of business properties: shopping centers, residential complexes, hotels, clinics. Don't just build a structure – create an energetically balanced space that will attract customers and prosperity. We develop projects that help your business thrive.

Feng Shui Audit: Path to Revenue Growth.

Our experts will conduct an audit of your commercial property to identify potential for increasing revenue and attracting new customers. We know how to transform a space into a source of prosperity.

What the results will be

Increased Competitiveness:
By optimizing energy flows in your commercial space. 

Feng Shui
helps your business stand out among competitors and attract more customers. 

Customer Attraction
Creating an inviting space for clients.

Productivity and Creativity:
Enhancing employee efficiency and fostering high motivation within the team. 

Reputation and Brand:

Strengthening your reputation and attracting new opportunities.

Our goal is to help you achieve success in business.
Our services are based on ancient Feng Shui knowledge and stand the test of time.
Feel the benefits that Feng Shui can bring to your business.
Your success starts here and now!
15 minutes free Feng Shui consultation
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Look to the future with confidence and success!
When it comes to significant events, the factor of time is crucial. The moment you choose to open your business, sign important contracts, or start new projects can have a huge impact on your success. Right here and right now, we offer you the opportunity to harness time in your favor.
review from a satisfied cu
Our service for selecting optimal dates for your significant events will help you:

Maximize Success: We analyse astrological, numerical, and cosmic factors to suggest the perfect time for starting your business, signing contracts, and other important events. This guarantees you the best chances of success and prosperity.

Attract Luck: Learn to harness the powerful energies that operate on specific days and moments to attract luck and well-being into your life and business.

Minimize Risks: You'll be able to avoid unfavourable periods and make decisions with lower risks.

Optimize Strategies: choosing the right date can positively impact the effectiveness of your strategies and tactics. Our recommendations will help you maximize the results of your activities.

Achieve Goals: Whether you're planning to sign a crucial contract, participate in a tender, or other key events, choosing the right date will help you get closer to achieving your goals.

We offer you the tools and knowledge to make important decisions, with the power of time and energy on your side.
Give your success a chance!
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By using the Qi Men Dun Jia method
Do you want to achieve maximum growth and prosperity for your company? Our service, based on ancient knowledge of the Qi Men Dun Jia method, can help set your company on the path to success.
Our services include:
Annual Business Strategy: we assist corporations and small to medium-sized businesses in developing an annual strategy that defines market focus, promotion policies, strengthening relationships with colleagues and competitors, increasing profitability, and more. Our recommendations will help you improve operations and achieve your goals.

Crisis Resolution Strategy
: even the most stable companies can encounter problems. We analyze your situation, identify issues and gaps, and propose effective methods and solutions for resolution. Our strategies will help you weather crises and return to successful development.
Why choose us:
Expertise: we work based on ancient knowledge and the Qi Men Dun Jia method and have extensive experience developing strategies for various companies.

Individual Approach:
we understand that every company is unique. Therefore, our strategies are developed with consideration of your specific needs and goals.

our goal is your success. We work to turn your goals into reality and make your business more successful and stable.
We turn your goals into reality and make your business more successful and stable

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By using the Qi Men Dun Jia method
Are you unsure about which decisions to make for success? Our service, forecasting situation development using the Qi Men Dun Jia method, will help you make informed decisions for the right steps in your business.

Our services include:

Feasibility Forecast of Business Projects: We help you determine where and when it's better to invest your time, money and other resources in the most promising projects to maximize your results.

Business Partnerships: not sure about the outcome of a business partnership? Who to collaborate with? To collaborate or not to collaborate with a particular individual/company in a specific project? We provide forecasts of business partner compatibility and identify which projects will be most profitable for both parties. Our forecasts will help you make the right decisions in the realm of business partnerships.

Customer Relationship Consultations: 
Want to improve customer relationships? We offer consultations on customer relations that will help you create more successful service strategies and enhance relationships with your customers.

Outlooks and Recommendations: 
Our forecasts cover a wide range of areas, including litigation prospects, credit opportunities, debt repayment strategies, and business conduct recommendations. We help you understand how to act in different situations.

Don't leave the future of your business to chance!
We will help you to make more informed and correct decisions for success.
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Our Services and Prices

1. Select dates for important events : 300 euros
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2. Feng Shui audit for business premises:

  • Without Feng Shui design: 15 euro/m2
  • With Feng Shui design: 20 euros/m2
  • The minimum order is 800 euros
15 minute free consultation:
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3. Choice of premises for business:

  • Remotely: 250 euros per location
  • On site (in Slovenia): 350 euros per location
  • With a positive option, the cost is included in the cost of the Feng Shui audit of the project
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4. Consultation for business: 380 euros

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5. Calculation of activations for business: 380 EUR/month

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6. Development of a business strategy according to the Qi Men method:

  • For 1 year, from 1500 euros
  • For 3 years, from 2500 euros
15 minute free consultation:
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7. Subscriptions for business:

  • 1000 euros per month, includes 4 consultations, the minimum subscription period is 6 months
  • 550 euros / month, includes 2 consultations, the minimum subscription period is 12 months
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8. Package "Recruiting":

  • 2000 euros: evaluation of 20 candidates birth cards
  • 1500 euros: evaluation of 10 candidates birth cards
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9. Package "Choice of premises for business":

 1800 euros: evaluation of up to 10 objects within 3 months from work commencement.

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SERENITY Spa at Hotel Intercontinental, Ljubljana, Slovenia. BEFORE the audit
SERENITY Spa at Hotel Intercontinental, Ljubljana, Slovenia.  AFTER the audit
Business owner, Slovenia

Law Office, Paris, France

Investor, Slovenia

Investor, Austria
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