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1. Feng Shui audit without design

Recommended for finished premises (you do not intend to make repairs or reconstruction of premises, for example, you live in a rented apartment). Does not involve repairs, moving doors, changing color schemes, etc.

Feng Shui audit of a finished home is the process of determining the energy state of a room and assessing its impact on the inhabitants of the house.

Feng Shui audit of a finished home includes the following steps:

  • Analysis of the flow of positive and negative energies in a room using the method of San He, San Yuan, Bazhai.
  • Analysis of the impact of these energies on people living in the house, taking into account the individual characteristics of the residents' birth chart.
  • Zoning recommendations: location of various rooms in the house, such as bedrooms, offices, children's rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.
  • Recommendations for improving the energy state of the room, for example, through the use of plants, crystals, mirrors, etc.
  • Arrangement of personal correctors and activators.
  • Information support for 2 months after the audit.

A Feng Shui audit of a finished home helps determine the energy state of the room and its impact on the lives of people living in the house, and also provides recommendations for improving this state.

2. Feng Shui audit with design

If you are planning to build a new house or decide to do redevelopment or reconstruction, you will need a Feng Shui audit with design.

This can be either planning a new house from scratch, or moving the entrance area, zoning, moving interior entrance doors, changing zoning, etc. and the basic version, which is indicated in paragraph 1, offers solutions for the tasks that you set.

The following are added to the list of tasks that the audit solves in paragraph 1:

  • Proposals for planning/remodelling the house.
  • Recommendations on colours, finishing materials and furniture.
  • Start dates of construction work.
  • Visiting the site while laying the foundation and installing the door.

Cost 15 euros/m2 – in case of reconstruction of the premises.

Cost 20 euros/m2 – Feng Shui design when building a house from scratch.

3. Feng Shui audit of a land plot

Zoning: planning paths, parking lots, gazebos.

Placement of activators, correctors, etc.


  • 1000 euros for a plot area of up to 10 acres
  • from 1000 euros for a plot area of 10 acres

Included in the project if the order amount for a Feng Shui audit of a house is over 3,000 euros, with a plot area of less than 10 acres.

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