Feng Shui for your home
A journey to harmony and prosperity
Welcome to the world of Feng Shui, where our services will help you to find balance and harmony in your life: home and surroundings.
Our Services

Residential Space Selection:

Begin your journey to a harmonious space by choosing a home, apartment, or land plot that is perfect for you and your family.
We will assist you in finding your place of power, where energy will flow smoothly and bring you health and prosperity.

Feng Shui audit and harmonization of Spaces:

If you already own a home or apartment and aspire to fully utilize its potential by aligning the energy with your goals and objectives, we provide expert solutions through Feng Shui.
Our recommendations and actions will enhance the balance and comfort in your living space, ushering in harmony, health, and prosperity into your everyday life.

Feng Shui Design and Renovation:

Create the perfect living space by following Feng Shui principles.
Our experts will help you optimize the layout of your home or apartment to maximize its potential and harmonize the energy.

Project Support During Construction:
Planning to build a new home?
Our consultants will guide you in incorporating Feng Shui at every stage of the project to create a harmonious and energetically balanced space.

Accelerating Real Estate Sales:
If you're selling real estate, we can assist in expediting the sale by attracting buyers through the use of unique Feng Shui techniques.

I lovingly create happy homes for happy people!
Take the opportunity to transform your life and surroundings with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui.
Our prices are tailored to each client's unique needs and requirements.
Please contact us for a personalized quote.
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Selecting Important Dates

Make your life easier and happier!

Do you have significant life events such as weddings, moving to a new home or country, opening a business, and other moments you want to go smoothly and happily?

Chinese astrology empowers you to influence the course of events in your life by harnessing the energy of specific dates.
Our service for selecting optimal dates for your significant events will help you:

Maximize Success

We analyse astrological, numerical, and cosmic factors to suggest the perfect time for starting your business, signing contracts, and other important events. This guarantees you the best chances of success and prosperity.

Attract Luck

Learn to harness the powerful energies that operate on specific days and moments to attract luck and well-being into your life and business.

Our consultants will assist you in picking the best days for your important moments.
Contact us and start your journey to a new harmonious life.
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Ba Zi Consultation

Discover your path to success!

Do you want to understand the deeper aspects of your personality, unlock your potential, and overcome life's challenges? 

Chinese astrology provides answers to your questions about your birth chart!

Birth Chart Analysis:

We will help you unlock the secrets of your birth chart, understand your character, discover strengths, and identify areas that require development, as well as weaknesses that need attention.

Forecasts and Recommendations:

We will provide recommendations on how to best use your strengths and deal with life's challenges, based on your birth chart.

Dealing with Life Events:

Learn how your birth chart influences life events, including career, relationships, and health.

Personal Growth and Development:

We will support you in your personal growth and help you maximize your potential.

Answers to Questions:

If you have specific questions about your birth chart, we will provide answers to help you better understand yourself and your life path. Chinese astrology, the ancient art of Ba Zi, is the key to self-understanding and destiny.

Contact us to get answers to your questions about your birth chart!
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Cost of services - Individual consultations:


1. Choosing dates for important events: 250 euros

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2. Consultation on the natal birth chart:

  • Full consultation: 380 euros
  • Consideration of one sphere of life: 250 euros
  • Follow up consultation: 150 euro/hour
  • Natal card of the child: 350 euros

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 3. Answers to questions on the Qi Men Dong Jia method: 250 euros

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4. Feng Shui audit harmonization for private spaces:

  • Without designing: 10 euros/m2
  • With design: 15 euros/m2
  • The minimum order is 500 euros
Our prices are tailored to each client's unique needs and requirements.
Please contact us for a personalized quote.

15 minute free consultation: 

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5. Selection of residential premises and land plots:

  • Remotely: 250 euros per object
  • On site (Slovenia) 300 euros per object
  • Package Choice of 10 objects (1800 euros)

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 6. Package "Choice of premises for housing":

1800 euros (the package includes consideration of up to 10 objects, within 3 months from the start of work.

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 7. Development of a package of personal activations for your purposes:

  • 380 EUR/month for 1 month subscription
  • 330 EUR/month for a 6 month subscription
  • 300 EUR/month for a 12 month subscription

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